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Most consulting firms continue to deliver their business solutions (almost exclusively) via an on-client premises model.  This delivery model is very expensive due to the travel & expense costs that are generally borne by the client.    We have found that while site visits are critical to understanding business issues and recommending solutions, our consultants have a great deal of freedom and flexibility in determining the most effective forums, methods and formats for implementing the solutions that we develop for your business.   We "Right-Size" our engagement with your company by providing multiple service and knowledge delivery methods, forums and formats.   These methods include; on premises, and virtual service delivery and knowledge transfer options.

Business Meeting

Onsite consulting  services

We recognize that there are some aspects of solution development and implementation that simply must be managed in-person and on our client's premises.  In recognition of this reality. our consulting teams have the ability to integrate seamlessly with your organizational teams on your site to implement the solutions developed for your company.     We ensure initiative success by staffing client engagements with consultants that hold advanced degrees and possess at least ten years of experience in the industry areas in which they advise.

Educational Services

Innoviant’s award-winning educational services practice works with your company to understand the skills and knowledge gaps of your people relative to your business goals.  We then develop and administer a custom capabilities development plan designed to uplift the skillsets and knowledge base of your company's resources.  Our educational services are customizable in that we have a great deal of flexibility in the formats and forums used to deliver them.  These options include; on-site and on-line educational programs, as well as self-service educational materials.

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Virtual/Remote Advisory Services

We also have the capability to engage our clients virtually via Zoom and other remote collaboration platforms.  This option significantly reduces the overall implementation costs to our clients. We have also found that this option is very attractive for our smaller but rapidly expanding SMB clients.

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