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Leadership Development

Does your company provide a forum and process for developing, leveraging and experiencing the benefits of visionary leadership?  Are your employees, customers, vendors and other impacted business partners involved in shaping this process? 

Innoviant Consulting has considerable expertise in helping our clients develop  and deliver enterprise level leadership programs that are customized to ensure alignment with your company’s business strategy and is  integrated with all levels of leadership, and tightly linked to your talent acquisition, management and retention strategies.

Change Management

The difference between the market position that your company occupies today and where  it aspires to go in the future,  depends upon its ability to operationalize change, not as a one and done activity, but as a continuous process.   Change, and the uncertainty that it brings, must be embraced!

 Innoviant Consulting has deep expertise in the PROSCI Change Management methodology.  We also have deep experience applying the discipline of change management across a  diverse set of enterprise level  initiatives that include; mergers & acquisitions, regulatory compliance  projects, and enterprise data governance initiatives.  

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Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Business leaders who view diversity equity and inclusion as nothing more than a social-justice  movement  do so at their own peril.  Never before in our nation’s history has global markets been so integrated and interdependent.  The most successful businesses  of tomorrow will be those that celebrate cultural, racial and ethnic differences whether they be customers, employees or vendors.   

They understand, the needs wants and desires of historically underserved ethnic markets both here, and abroad and make a conscious decision to identify the biases  that may be preventing  them from serving these markets.   Innoviant’s Diversity Equity  & Inclusion practice can help your company identify and eliminate  the individual & collective unconscious  biases  that may be at work within your company so that it can better serve all of its corporate stakeholders. 

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