Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic consulting  services practice  helps both middle-market and enterprise sized clients deliver transformational change that spur measurable and sustainable growth while lowering costs.   We invite you to browse our service offerings and contact us  to learn how Innoviant Consulting can transform your business!

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Innoviant Business Solutions

Achieve Your Goals

Before the ink has dried on most organization’s strategic plans, market conditions may have shifted.   There is an old business axiom that states, “The only thing more important than your company’s strategic plan, is its contingency plans". Innoviant’s business solutions practice recognizes this reality and has developed an approach for addressing the dynamic business environments in which most companies operate.  While this methodology is true to the business objectives of your company, the means by which those objectives are realized may change dramatically.  Innoviant’s strategy development practice predicts probable market scenarios and develops plans to address each market possibility.  Our strategic planning Services Include:

​                                                       - Enterprise strategy development                                                                                                           - Road mapping & implementation                                                                                                         - Strategic alignment / realignment                                                                                                      - Change management programs to support all of the above. 

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Innoviant People Solutions

Expert Guidance

Innoviant Consulting's People Solutions practice seeks to create a perpetual connection between your  company’s people and your enterprise objectives by developing the skills and knowledge of your people in ways that support  your company’s strategy and values.  This means not only hiring the best talent available, but also, training and equipping them to make critical decisions that  are aligned with your company's objectives. 

Innoviant Consulting's People Solutions Practice has deep expertise in the areas of :


-  Leadership  Development

                                                           -  Talent Management

                                                           - Diversity & Inclusion

                                                           - Employee Engagement & Team Building.  

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Innoviant Technology Soluions

Phenomenal Results

The cost to acquire and maintain in-house technology infrastructures are typically 30 to 40 percent higher than the cost of cloud-based solutions. Still, more than half of all firms own and operate their technology assets. 


The cost and complexities generated by this reality may be negatively impacting the achievement of your core business objectives, not to mention your bottom-line!

While it is true that strategic advantage can be gained and maintained via technology, at Innoviant we believe that very little is gained from owning and actively managing your company's IT assets.   Innoviant's technology innovations practice has the expertise to free your organization's critical resources from such non value-added activities by helping you evaluate, select and implement low-cost/high value cloud solutions. 


We have deep expertise and over 15 years of experience in the selection and implementation of cloud-based technologies in the areas of...


                                       - Customer Relationship -Management

                                       - Enterprise Resource Planning  

                                       - Master Data Management 

                                       - Data Governance

                                       -  Data Hygienics

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